Psalm 50.15

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August 2020

I remember very good.

My son came home from school.

He told me: Mum, I know something very very good that you don´t know.

I said: Wow, let me know.

Ben said: I know the telephone number of god. My teacher told me today. It is written in 50.15 and so this is his telephone number. „And call on me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you, and you will honor me.“

He was so proud to know the „phone number“ of good.

Thank you, universe, I love this memory so much.

When I was asked to take photos of kids during their first communion, I always have that in mind.


First Communion 2020.


unbenannte Fotosession-1010241-10 Kopie


unbenannte Fotosession-1010279-6 Kopie

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