Valencia May 2017 I never understood how people feel when they say they are in love with unicorns. I always asked myself: Wow, what are they talking about? Then I met this girl on the streets of Valencia. Now I know what a unicorn lover […]

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Magic Moment

Valencia May 2017 Did you ever had one of these magic moments? You see a person on the street and you have no idea why but there is a kind of energy coming directly from this person and you don´t know what happens with you…..??? World […]

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Good food for a healthy body

Altenbeken May 2017 I never thought too much about health. Thank you my soulmate, my sister, my best friend for life … you planted your love for food during years…. now I got it, Jessica. I love it, too.  

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Altenbeken May 2017 Some things don’t look like, but they are magic…. may be not at the first look, but at the second…. I started to drink ginger water every day. And I started to write a new chapter in my life. Now, ginger looks […]

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about Life

Altenbeken January 2017 Listen to the MUSTN´TS Listen to the DON´TS Listen to the SHOULDN´TS the IMPOSSIBLES the WON`TS Listen to the NEVER HAVES Then listen close to me – anything can happen child, ANYTHING CAN BE.  

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Sonja aka Yogashine

Altenbeken March 2017 You are your home. Your body is the only house That you will ever truly own, Maybe it´s got some broken windows And there are tear-stains on the floors, Maybe you lock the things you wish you weren `t Behind its many […]

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