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Psalm 50.15

Altenbeken August 2020 I remember very good. My son came home from school. He told me: Mum, I know something very very good that you don´t know. I said: Wow, let me know. Ben said: I know the telephone number of god. My teacher told […]

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Capeverde Islands Sal Santa Maria August 2019 When you find this special feeling. The feeling of understanding that it is not important to know where the body begins and the water ends, because you feel connected with everything.   Ben, you are the best teacher […]

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Altenbeken July 2020 Gingko What do you see? Is it a butterfly or is it a gingko? Why can´t it be both? Just for a moment. Is it important to stay in one reality? When you open your mind to color your life, every single […]

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