Monat: Mai 2017

Streets of Valencia

Valencia May 2017 This is the beginning, of anything you want. We are here, with you. I love you, sis. I am so proud that you are the only one in our family that is strong enough to live your dream. I love the idea […]

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Valencia May 2017  A masterpiece of art in my eyes Heartsickness. Printed on wood, bought in the streets of Valencia.   You´re far, far away, deep down, under my ribs. You come out and you play with my thoughts – sometimes. You evoke tears, you […]

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Altenbeken May 2017 Green balance harmony growth soothing renewal self-control restores energy equilibrium refreshment tranquility reassurance relaxing peace …..a lot of reasons why it´s sometimes about the color.   Think green.  

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Let the sun shine

Altenbeken May 2017 It is your decision every single day if the sun shines or not. That has nothing to do with the weather outside. You are a sunshine! You are a present to this world. Always keep that in your heart. You can change […]

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Valencia May 2017 I never understood how people feel when they say they are in love with unicorns. I always asked myself: Wow, what are they talking about? Then I met this girl on the streets of Valencia. Now I know what a unicorn lover […]

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Magic Moment

Valencia May 2017 Did you ever had one of these magic moments? You see a person on the street and you have no idea why but there is a kind of energy coming directly from this person and you don´t know what happens with you…..??? World […]

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Good food for a healthy body

Altenbeken May 2017 I never thought too much about health. Thank you my soulmate, my sister, my best friend for life … you planted your love for food during years…. now I got it, Jessica. I love it, too.  

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Altenbeken May 2017 Some things don’t look like, but they are magic…. may be not at the first look, but at the second…. I started to drink ginger water every day. And I started to write a new chapter in my life. Now, ginger looks […]

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