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February 2023


energy creates a masterpiece of artwork

and you can´t see it.

No, it is not an artwork for the rest of the world – but for yourself.

I took this photo last year.

Since I took this photo

time passed by.

And my heart tells me: wow, Diana, now you can see it. It is a real masterpiece of your personal soul photography.

Energy is always O N.

When you are deep into numbers

you can read,

what your mind cannot see.

This photo is for people to spend time with.

There is so much to experience.

Everything talks to you,

if your mind is on my soul frequency.

I invite you

to make a cup of coffee

and get deep into this photo.

Each time you allow your mind to make a deep dive,

you will find new things to discover.

Symbols, signs, numbers, body language of this beautiful woman, frequency of this place…

I love this photo so much.

Welcome to my soul.

Happy weekend,


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