Big Memories

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People, Stills


July 2015

I learned a lot during the last years.

One of the most important things is:

Some of the biggest memories in life of two boys

are made at race tracks.

Someone once said :

„Racing is something that most people will never understand.

It´s not just a sport or something to do on Saturday and Sunday.

It ´s a way of life.

Once you ´re in it,

it´s in your blood.

Once you make your first run….you can´t stop.“


Great moments in life of boys….wake up early and just play in pyjama with a car racing track.

On good days there is may be enough time to take a cup of coffee before race is O N


P6060492_2-2 Kopie


P6060501-2 Kopie


P6060500-2 Kopie


P6060513-2 Kopie

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