Certificate of the inner child

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September 2016

This certificate gives you the right to:

walk in the rain,

jump into mud puddles,

collect rainbows,

smell flowers,

do bubbles,

change your mind,

to build sand castles,

walk backwards,

admire the moon

and the stars,

say hello to everyone in the street,

 sing in the bathroom,

read children´s book,

act crazy,

buy new sneakers,

to walk hand in hand,

to hug and kiss a tree,

to love and cry at the same moment,

to pretend you are asleep,

to feel weird,

to make a hundred mistakes,

to say sorry,

to hate something,

to think something is stupid,

to walk with your eyes closed,

to be a hero,

to keep a secret,

to be glad to have a body,

to shout out loud what comes up …now…,

to make friends,

to forget names,

to order the biggest ice-cream,

to dream big

and tell everybody

that you are the inventor of everything on earth,

including this poem.


It is never to late

to be a happy child.

(found on pinterest)



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