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Altenbeken October 2018 Sometimes onions are like characters you can see the real beauty after peeling off layers.      

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Germany Paderborn September 2018 Sometimes it is time to start something new: „Finding yourself“ consists of peeling off years of social conditioning to find a self as it existed during childhood, un-masked. When I think about that I always end with the picture of […]

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Paderborn Jessilicious Kitchen ( What you find at the bottom of your fork is more powerful than anything you ´ll find at the bottom of a pill bottle. (Dr. Mark Hyman)      

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Barbecue Sommer

Altenbeken June 2017 Sometimes you realize yourself doing completely untypical things…. eating meat is untypical for me. But sometimes, you have to give a shit on rules you give to  yourself and just enjoy the vibes of that special moment. Summer feelings in our own […]

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Cape Verde Islands Sal Santa Maria May 2016 Boulangerie Pao e Doce What is done in love is done well.                  

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