The reason why dogs live shorter than humans

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Cape Verde


Santa Maria

January 2018

The best explanation I ever found is of a 6 year old boy:

„People are born so that they can learn

how to live a good life – like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?!

Well, dogs already know how to do that,

so they don´t have to stay as long.“

My husband found this 6 weeks old puppy at the beach in Santa Maria.

With a lot of love of different people,

he is fine now.

Happy that we could find a gentle family for him.

Special thanks to for your help to find a home for him.

His eyes are a present to this world.

Take a minute and feel his trust…

unbenannte Fotosession-1010332 Kopie



3 Kommentare zu “The reason why dogs live shorter than humans”

  1. I love this story. The pilot’s cute too, and it’s nice that a good family was found to take care and love him. ☺

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