The Person in the Mirror

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February 2018

I think I am one of the biggest fan´s of Arthur Lassen in this world.

He died too early, his words stay with us:


When you have once again achieved something you wanted,

when everyone has shown their admiration by praising and applauding you,

and the world makes you a winner for a day,

then stand up in front of a mirror,

look at it

and listen to what the person you see has to tell you.

It is not your mother and your father,

not your husband or your wife or partner,

and not your friends

by whom you must be judged.

The only person whose opinion counts for you

is the one looking at you from the mirror.

A lot of people consider you to be a single-minded and conscientious.

They may tell that you are a great man or a fantastic woman,

but the person in the mirror will simply tell you

you are a failure

if you can´t look that person in the eyes honestly.

It is this person, and this person alone, who matters.


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